Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being Away..... 'Away From You'

During the past two weeks, I traveled to Atlanta Georgia to attend IBM computer classes. During this time, I have been away from my family, namely my wife Virginia, and my elderely mother who just turned 80 years old. Sitting in a hotel room alone makes you realize what it could be like if there would be noone to come home to. During this time, I did not have much time to reflect and communicate with my family because I had to center my attention with the business at hand, to study and pass a very difficult technical course with IBM. In times like these, you realize that absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. The weekend spent alone between the last two weeks at school were very difficult. During this time, I was able to communicate with my wife via phone and computer chat. This was the first time in 3 years that I was away from my wife since our marriage.

During this time, I wrote the poem below, and of course it is dedicated to my wife Virginia.....

Away from You...
written by : James Frank
I am here and you are there,
wondering why I'm feeling such dispare.

A lonely heart, beating miles away,
screaming from within, knowing what not to say

A pounding heart, beating away from you,
skipping beats felt through and through.

Soon, the time will come
When we meet again,

Feeling the joy of our love,

Screaming AMEN, AMEN...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mothers Day Poem - By Dorothy @ Blog

To the readers of this blog....

Below you will find a poem that was dedicated to Moms for Mothers Day. The owner of this poem has it published on her own blog, and I have decided to add the poem here on this site. It was created by Dorothy, from the's Blog. Dorothy has several blogs that she updates, including.....

Dating Online and's Blog.

The following is an excellent example of a poem that is 'a poem from the heart'. Read the poem carefully, and understand what it says. It speaks factual truth, the traits of a Mom, your mom.


Mom's are caring
Mom's are direction
Mom's are our mentors
Mom's laugh because they love
Mom's know without being told
Mom's hear without even listening
Mom's cry in the quiet of their hearts
Mom's sigh without loosing their smile
Mom's do not always say, but they certainly always see
Mom's very being is the opening to our doorway to life
Mom's feel us even when we do not feel ourselves
Mom's even at their worse are still our mom's
Mom's are the true meaning of unconditional
Mom's are angels without wings
Mom's are why Dad's exist
Mom's are daughters too
Mom's are always there
Mom's just are

Mom's die and for this reason we, the children should never take our Mom's for granted...not even one time~
~This is my collection of thoughts.. ..please feel free to add a few of your own to this list~

~HAPPY MOTHERS DAY all of you beautiful Mom's

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary 5-11-08

Immediately below is a note and a poem that I wrote to my wife back on 5/11/2008. It was our 1st Wedding Anniversary. 

My wonderful wife and I now have been married for 1 year. GiGi wiz, time is flying by. We had a fairly relaxing day and decided not to go anywhere for our anniversary because mom really couldn't be left alone for too long. However, my wife and I managed to go to church. It would have been wonderful if mom went with us to church, because it was mothers day too, besides our wedding anniversary. But she was not feeling well, and I didn't want her to leave the house.
Even though a whole year has gone by, to me it seems like we were married just yesterday. Our love for each other is stronger than ever. That magic feeling is still present in our lives. I adore her as my angel. Even though we didn't do much for our special day, I still feel blessed. I think of the times that Virginia and I were so far apart, and our desire to be with each other. Now, we are together all the time, and we are blessed by God with a truly wonderful marriage and relationship that will be with us forever.
Virginia and I are fairly simple people. Not once did Virginia complain that I didn't take her somewhere for her wedding anniversary. She didn't complain that she didn't receive flowers. She didn't complain that she didn't originally receive a gift, although after church she received a few things that she really wanted. All she wants me to do is to save money, so that maybe someday we can buy a home. Thanks to some overtime and bonuses from work and money from Uncle Sam, a good tax return and even the income from blogging, I'm thinking that Virginia and I will be moving into a home soon. We did have plans to drive around to see what was available yesterday, but again decided that it was better to stay home with mom.
To me, the time that Virginia and I spend together is truly a blessing from God. Thanks to the internet and some good timing and luck, I was able to meet a person who became my wife, as once we lived half a world apart.
Sometimes, expressing yourself to your spouse could be better than any worldly gift you can give or receive. It is for this reason that I have decided to write another poem to my wife. It is simple, short, but to the point. It doesn't take much to touch her heart.

Being Blessed
written by : James Frank 

The Lord knows how lucky I feel,
To be in a marriage that is so real.
I count my blessings every day,
And hope they last, that I pray.

My woman, my wife,
Who happens now....
to be my life.
I Live for her and that she knows,
As our love grows and grows.

Between us is Trust,
For true love, that is a must.
Because of Trust,
our marriage will last,
The formula for happiness,
that can Never be surpassed.

Happy Anniversary My Honeyko Gigi

My Partner in Life - MY WIFE

 Submitted by the Editor of 'Poems from the Heart' blog

What I love about my partner in life - My Wife..

Have you ever met a woman that is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen?

I have.. She is my wife.

Have you ever felt so close to a person, that you just know that she is the most perfect person for you..
 I have.. She is my wife.

Have you ever met a woman who gave you that most wonderful inner feeling that makes your heart pound..

I have.. She is my wife.

Have you ever met the most simple person, someone who doesn't need all the riches of the earth..Someone special...

I have... She is my wife.

Have you ever known such an intelligent person who is compassionate, loving and caring and intelligent?

I have... She is my wife.

Have you ever met a most GodFearing person, someone who has moved you closer to your faith?

I have.. She is my wife.

Have you ever known a person who understands you inside and out, and trusts you without reservation?

I have.. She is my wife.

God has given me the gift of a woman whose presence is most powerful in my life. I ask myself why I was given this wonderful gift. I don't know why to this day, but I will be thankful for the rest of my life.

Also, I would like others to step back for a moment and openly admit their feelings for their spouse.
If you like, I can publish these feelings on this website - if you don't have your own blog to publish your thoughts. Just drop me a note at, and I'll review the article and publish it here at

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