Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sadness to Happiness - A True Life Story about CHARICE

My wife Virginia and I have been captivated by someone whom we don't even know. Every time we hear her sing, we cry. Tears of happiness for someone who deserves what she has earned. Someone who has truely made it from the real world of sadness while growing up without her Father, to what seems to be a neverending light of happiness for someone who is so talented and deserves to be happy. Everything she has done, has been for her mom. She started off entering singing contests in the Philippines at an early age of 4, in the despirate attempt so that they could have food to eat. 
The following poem is actually a story, one that has gone from sadness to happiness. Charice Pempengco is a rising Filipino singer, recongnized now world-wide, simply known as Charice. I do not know of a bigger message to young people than the life, trials and tribulations followed by hard work, and what will seem to be the biggest payoff of them all - HAPPINESS for Charice. 

Please read another Sadness to Happiness Poem, written about Charice Pempengco of the Philippines. 
I found this poem on another blog known as 'Poems of Life and Love and Quotes' that can be found at : It appears that the author may be R.S. Mallari (SpK)

Charice Riding the Pyramid
R.S. Mallari (SpK)

She was three, young and innocent
Father in rage, mother in danger
How scared was she back then?
Bitter memories for her to remember

At four she started singing songs
Taking chances on various competitions
Meager prizes to afford a pizza
Who would think she’ll become a diva?

She dreamt, she believed, she did not stop
Now traveling the world with dreams at hand
Proudly yet humbly riding the pyramid, at the top

Maybe luck has done a lot for her
But it’s just a part of her triumph
Amidst trials she did not surrender
Conquered obstacles along the path

The enigmatic tiny girl with the big voice
Tears fading away and so as her past’s scars
Stealing hearts from around the globe
It’s her time to shine, be among the stars

She dreamt, she believed, she did not stop
Now traveling the world with dreams at hand
Proudly yet humbly riding the pyramid, at the top

Let her smile, she deserves more than that
May she will continue to inspire and flare
For others to dream and never give up
Fantasies do come true, for those who dare 

She dreamt, she believed, a star was born 
Proudly yet humbly riding the pyramid, at the top
Doing what she does best, singing songs


  1. Hola!!! me gusto mucha la historia de Charice, su lucha para crecer,para salir de la pobreza y por la confianza y fe en si misma que ella tuvo.gracias x compartirlo,disfrute mucho leyendolo.Sorry I wrote in spanish,I can express my self pretty much better.thanks x your visit,have a nice day!

  2. Hi :) It's a really nice poem about the singer. Although I've not heard of her, after reading this i'll be sure to YouTube her :)

    Have a great day :)

  3. Charice is such a talented girl who got a very powerful voice..i first watched her on Oprah singing "if i wrote a note to God". I admire her..


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