Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Mystery behind POEMS

Unlike news stories, poems never seem to grow old. They are never yesterdays news. In some cases, they may have an effect to have direct bearing on the news of the day. It could be last years news or todays news, and it surely may relate to news that is yet to happen. Words of a poem can reflect on past, present and future days events. So unlike news stories, they never grow old. A poem written 200 years ago may have an effect on someone who reads it today. In many cases, they can have an effect on a person that a major news story can bring. Poems sometimes represent the simplest, yet most complete outine of a subject. It can catch the eye of a reader in the least amount of words, better than any short story. A good poem is a very special poem. It could be a special poem for someone, whether it is for a loved one or a friend, or even a poem of inspiration. A poem could contain just a bunch of words that rhyme, but then can also contain words with deep meaning, and may have a story to tell. Don't think that poems are just for ladies. If you ever wanted to dig deep inside of yourself and write some serious stuff, try writing a good poem.

What are Poems

Poems can be words that symbolize you.

Poems are images that you imagine.

Poems are conversations or voices that you want to profess from your heart.

Poems can be noises of different sounds.

Poems are things that can happen.

Poems can be feelings that cannot be expressed in other ways.

Poems are laughter of the people who cry inside. A form of expression.

Poems wouldn't exist without someone writing them or someone reading them.


  1. I am your # 1 fan!!! I love you my dearest sweetheart. Hugs and Kisses from your wife

  2. Nice poem...That's really true..there are things that can't be expressed through deeds but words can...just like expressing it through poems. Thanks for sharing...


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