Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Men Do Cry - Is not a Sign of Weakness

Have you ever been told that a man should never cry? The act of crying is an inner breakout of your deepest feelings. Maybe it's because when a person cries, that there are tears involved. Many people associate tears with 'weakness'. Men are supposed to denote strength, not weakness. But, if you really understand the meaning of tears, you should then realize that we are all mortal beings, and that tears can show basically two things.... overwhelming grief, or unspeakable love. Unfortunately, in many cases with men, there has to be an unbelievable event that effects their lives, before they realize it is not a bad thing to cry.  In my lifetime, I've had unbelievable highs and unspeakable lows, but the ups and downs that we experience inevitablly show emotion, the feelings that you should NEVER hold back. The act of crying is also an avenue of relief. Crying out the pain is one of the most soothing experiences you can have in a moment of an undeniable low.

Men Do Cry
written by Ken Faulk

I heard quite often “men don’t cry”
Though no one ever told me why
So when I fell and skinned a knee
No one came to comfort me.

And when some bully boy at school
Would pull a prank so mean and cruel
I’d quickly learn to turn and quip
“It doesn’t hurt”, and bite my lip.

So as I grew to reasoned years
I learned to stifle any tears.
Though “be a big boy” it began,
Quite soon I learned to ” be a man”.

And I could play that stoic role
While storm and tempest wracked my soul
No pain or setback could there be
Could wrest one single tear from me.

Then one long night I stood nearby
And helplessly watched my son die,
And quickly found to my surprise
That all that tearless talk was lies.

And still I cry and have no shame
I cannot play that ” big boy” game,
And openly without remorse
I let my sorrow take it’s course.

So those of you who can’t abide
A man you’ve seen whose often cried,
Reach out to him with all your heart
As one whose life’s been torn apart.

For men do cry when they can see
Their loss of immorality.
And tears will come in endless streams
When mindless fate destroys their dreams.

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