Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Year Ago, I lost Mom with Her Passing

Today has been a day of remembrance of my dear mom, who passed away one year ago today. To me, it seems like yesterday. Time is just passing by, but the pain of her passing still is with me. Why are people so vulnerable to pain and suffering when others celebrate their passing? For me this year has just made me numb, with sickness and death all around me. Maybe it's because now I find myself caught up in the elder years of my own life. But I continue to pray, and I continue to hope for better days, always keeping into consideration my thoughts of the most important person in my life, and that would be my wife Virginia.
On another sad note, i am faced with another reality of more sickness in our family. Being one of two only siblings of mom, I now find myself trying to cope with the expected loss of my sister Cindy. She is now in the advanced stages of cancer, and only experimental treatments that cost a fortune may only be able to help her now. Still, what the treatments may do is to extend her life for a few months, and what kind of pain and suffering will she have to cope with for this extended period of time. To make this situation harder to cope, my sister and I haven't spoken to each other since mom has passed away, and I only found out about her sickness lately when my wife Virginia ran across pictures of her in a hospital. She had been there already over a month and I have been hoping and praying that she would at least want to talk to me, but she must be so depressed, that she will not even call me.
For the last several months, I have been totally out of a mood to write poems, but I realize now that writing would help me allot. Sometimes hopeless feelings cannot be avoided, and I often wonder during these times how I would ever cope without the love and comfort from my wife Virginia.

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