Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Waiting Heart

Today is one of those gloomy days, one that is kind of out of the normal for me. Living in Texas, I've become used to the warm weather and the busy city. But today, I sit at home enjoying a day off from work, trying to stay warm for the very cold conditions that have visited the Dallas, Texas area.
My wife is hard at work, not on her job, but studying assignments and preparing to go back to school tomorrow. I need to leave her alone with her studies. But where ever she goes or whatever she does, I'm usually thinking of her.

Here are a few words thrown together while we just sit a room apart, while she is studying hard in her studies and I'm here trying to stay warm with thoughts on a very cold, chilling Dallas Texas day wasting time on my computer. I hope that it makes sense, and that whoever reads this, will like it.

written by: James Frank

(Poems from the Heart)

I carry your heart with me, my dear
Always cherishing the putters that are so clear

Everything you do and everywhere you go

My heart beats with anticipation
With feelings of adoration

 I've asked the question before
Why I'm in love I must explore

I cherish my feelings without a doubt
For a woman who is so devout
Someone whom I can never do without

Of course this person is my wife
Who is trying to better her life

In her studies she is so sincere
At this moment, I must not interfere

The pounding of my heart will subside
My love for her will never be denied

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  1. wow!I love poems..happy to drop by here. i add u up if you dont mind:) hear from you soon:)


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