Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank you to the Readers of this Blog "Poems from the Heart"

People who touch my life become a big part of my life. I do not take them for granted. This goes for the people who actually read and contribute to this blog through their comments. Their concerns become my concerns. I do not know them by just words on paper.  The people whom I run accross on this blog are very special people.  They can definitely think and speak from their heart.

Just to name a few of my readers, I wanted them to know that I appreciate them and think of them throughout my day.

To name a few, there is Lisa.....

She is unemployed, but has a boyfriend who has changed her life. Her experiences in life have taught her many lessons.  She seems to be a simple gal, and doesn't require much. She is greatful for what she has and who she has in her life.
Then there is WenYi....

She shines with exceptional intelligence, who can quote love passages from the bible, as she has stated from scripture, one of the greatest quotes in the Bible, 'Corinthians' :  "LOVE IS PATIENT, LOVE IS KIND, IT DOES NOT ENVY, IT DOES NOT BOAST, IT IS NOT PROUD." She states very well her comments with compliments as she said " dreaming of the person you love, is one of the nicest things to dream of."  Thank you WenYi...

Then there is Dorothy L ....

An exceptional writer, who writes with meaning and commitment. All the good values in life radiate from her posts. Then she comments: "To be able to be in touch with your true feelings and to be able to express them is a gift to embrace and to never take for granted". And she says.." Your blog is a welcome of warmth and passion.... keep up the very inspiring topic." Her comments give me the strength to keep this blog going.  Thank you Dorothy L.

The following poem is for these special people and for ALL who make this blog part of their life...

Just Wanted To Say   

I just wanted to say,
You've helped me in so many ways.
You've lifted my spirits and my heart,
And I'm glad in my life your a special part.

You can see something in me,
That very few people take the time to see.
You've made me have faith that I thought I had lost,
That Id yearned to regain no matter the cost.

Thank you for the time you have spared,
To read my blog, to understand, and to care.
You've enhanced my life and have given me hope,
You've made me feel special, and that I could cope.

You've made me see that there are still,
People on this earth,
That can help renew your life, like a second birth.

I want you to know that I will be here,
If you need to talk, someone who will care.
A true friend is very hard to find, (now your friend)
And I want to thank you for being mine.


  1. Thank you so much James for dedicating this post to the people you've known ( me included :D )

    I am indeed happy and touched that I have been given the privilege to have meet you here in the vast internet world. And I too would like you to know, that I am indeed grateful for the comments and support that you have given to my blog and i :)

    Thank You James :)

  2. We are strength in numbers...that is one of those truest of prophecies proven over and over throughout time. My gratitude reaches out to you for sharing your gift of thought with me. It is I who should be thanking you for bringing your inspiration to my world. It has strengthened my own desire to share and inspire~

  3. Hi! Thank you so much.

    I am late to read this. Previously, I am not feeling well and can't stay online for hours.

    I am grateful and very thankful.

    Keep on writing poems. It is nice to read; written from your heart.

    God bless!


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