Monday, September 13, 2010

Even with a sense of 'Hopelessness' you can find the Answer

Obviously, not all poems are about love. Not all poems are about happy times. One of those not so happy times can be when you feel a sense of hopelessness. It is a feeling of abandonment, a feeling of loneliness. It is a time that bears the fact that nothing will help. It is a time that many people turn to their faith for answers, not expecting that an answer will come. It is a time that you wander aimlessly, not knowing which way to go. The following poem demonstrates this terrible feeling, but people who experience hopelessness must realize that they are not alone. They must realize that tomorrow may and most likely bring along a better day. When you experience hopelessness, it is just another way that God is testing you. If you feel that you are falling into this void of despair, then know that things can and will get better. The better day will come with your patience, and your trust in all that is good around you, including your faith.

by Weeping Wolf

So it comes down to this.
Dreams burned into the dust
Joys swept under the rug
Trembling beneath the smile,
Tears trying to hold back tears
Like getting lost on a rainy road
without a home. without a friend.

All my sunny days are gone
All my lonely nights are long
I have friends but none that see
the chains are gone, but am i free?
And not a caring word to be spoken
Not a pair of open arms to be known.

Who will help me make it through another day?
Sweet Jesus, what encouragement could you say?
When I feel i have turned the other cheek
to be hit down again and again, to what gain?
When I let them drag me, pull me down,
to be their lamb to the slaughter, for what pain?

All my sunny days are gone
All my lonely nights are long
Oh I've lived the passion and I've felt the rain
But how long to wait till love surpasses pain?

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