Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Mothers Love found on Rhea's Blog

Below is a beautiful poem for moms by Fion Lim. found originally published on 
RHEA's Blog at the following address and I encourage everyone who follows this blog to also follow her.

A Mothers Love

How deep is a mother’s love? 
How far does a mother’s love go? 
Is there a limit to her love? 
Is there always enough of her love?

A mother will for the love of her children, 
Do the things ordinary beings will not do, 
Things that are seen as a bother, 
She has them done without much fuss.

Always making sure there is ample food for all, 
Hiding her countless worries for her children, 
Swallowing anger when her pride is bruised, 
Forgiving the very child who hurt her feelings.

Taking under her loving and gentle wings, 
The little children of her own children, 
Pouring her unmatched devotion and affection, 
Spelling out the great depth of her endless love.

Now tell me can you measure a mother’s love?

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