Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being Away..... 'Away From You'

During the past two weeks, I traveled to Atlanta Georgia to attend IBM computer classes. During this time, I have been away from my family, namely my wife Virginia, and my elderely mother who just turned 80 years old. Sitting in a hotel room alone makes you realize what it could be like if there would be noone to come home to. During this time, I did not have much time to reflect and communicate with my family because I had to center my attention with the business at hand, to study and pass a very difficult technical course with IBM. In times like these, you realize that absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. The weekend spent alone between the last two weeks at school were very difficult. During this time, I was able to communicate with my wife via phone and computer chat. This was the first time in 3 years that I was away from my wife since our marriage.

During this time, I wrote the poem below, and of course it is dedicated to my wife Virginia.....

Away from You...
written by : James Frank
I am here and you are there,
wondering why I'm feeling such dispare.

A lonely heart, beating miles away,
screaming from within, knowing what not to say

A pounding heart, beating away from you,
skipping beats felt through and through.

Soon, the time will come
When we meet again,

Feeling the joy of our love,

Screaming AMEN, AMEN...


  1. long distance is hard to deal..
    but once you meet each others arms,.
    you feel the joy of love..

    goodluck in studies!!
    pretty soon, you will be together again..

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing great poem

  3. Truly genuine and so loving~

    To be able to be in touch with your true feelings and to be able to express them is a gift to embrace and to never take for granted~

  4. You msut have been missing her much;(

  5. Thank you guys for all your support. We are very happy with each other and we are trying to have baby soon. Update you later


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