Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Wonderful Experience of Having a Child

Raising a child is one of the most rewarding experiences that two people as new parents can witness in their lifetimes. Imagine someday that your little infant will speak, and when the baby does speak, what will be their first words? How long will it be before they walk? There are many questions and lots of unknowns when raising an infant, but those questions will surely be answered as your loved one grows. 
My wife Virginia and I have discussed as recently as tonight the thought of having a child. I whole-heartedly believe that this is what we both really want. I pray that God bless us with a healthy child whether it be a girl or a boy. Below is a poem written by Sherry C, a very wonderful poem that graces the thoughts of an experience when having a child. 

Love Is . . . . .

The softness of a baby's skin
The smile of their innocent eyes
The warmth that I feel
When my touch hushes their cries

Love is . . . . .

Watching them learn how to walk
Exploring the world through their vision
Bouncing along from room to room
Picking them up from each collision

Love Is . . . . .

Holding their hands, playing patty-cake
Enjoying their infectious mirth
The feeling of arms around my neck
Showing me what I am worth

Love Is . . . . .

The glee of first words spoken
Though only parent can understand
Cuteness of those baby teeth
Till they bite you on the hand

Love Is . . . . .

Many a splendid thing they say
And we all know this to be true
But it's hard to beat those "baby years"
When their only world is you.

Sherry C


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