Monday, October 11, 2010

Poof gone bye bye (Poem)

Looking back sometimes makes you ask a simple question "Is it worth it?" You know that it is, but sometimes you work so hard at it, and in a moments time, it could be gone. That's almost funny, as it happened to me just yesterday while writing. All of a sudden, all of my time and effort to write was for not, because just as I was posting another poem here, my computer froze with the 'blue screen of death'. But then I came across this poem.Then I realized that it is worth it. A moment of uncontrolled anger hit me when it happened, but then I realized that all I lost were a few words. Here is a simple poem (author unknown) that had me laughing after that moment of anger. Has this ever happened to you while writing your blog?

 Poof gone bye bye (poem)

I sat here this morning with freezing cold feet
And wrote a poem that was beautiful and sweet 

And when I hit the button to make it post  now
It just vanished into thin air some how 

I worked so hard, it took me so long
And some how my poem just didn't belong 

Because it went poof, gone, bye bye
I trembled inside and wanted to cry 

Where did it go and why did it leave
I may never know,all I can do now is grieve 

Poof gone bye bye, it's gone out the door
My feet are still freezing,and my poem is no more


  1. hi james! I am so sorry I did not inform you regarding the change in my blog's address, I was really busy with work, and a blogging competition, plus busy with my newly met boyfriend :)

    I hope that you are doing well right now.
    And this poem is adorable in it's own way, I really like it. It made me reflect that sometimes we loose things we love in life and then get upset, but by changing our point of views and realizing that losing something is part of life, we'll get over it :)

  2. Yeah:) same here sweetheart! I was pissed off. Imagine, I wrote good context on my whole story then suddenly gone by the wind!

    Anyway, great to see wenyi here on James blog. Congrats of having boyfriend. Have a good day to you both!


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