Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mothers Day Poem - By Dorothy @ Blog

To the readers of this blog....

Below you will find a poem that was dedicated to Moms for Mothers Day. The owner of this poem has it published on her own blog, and I have decided to add the poem here on this site. It was created by Dorothy, from the's Blog. Dorothy has several blogs that she updates, including.....

Dating Online and's Blog.

The following is an excellent example of a poem that is 'a poem from the heart'. Read the poem carefully, and understand what it says. It speaks factual truth, the traits of a Mom, your mom.


Mom's are caring
Mom's are direction
Mom's are our mentors
Mom's laugh because they love
Mom's know without being told
Mom's hear without even listening
Mom's cry in the quiet of their hearts
Mom's sigh without loosing their smile
Mom's do not always say, but they certainly always see
Mom's very being is the opening to our doorway to life
Mom's feel us even when we do not feel ourselves
Mom's even at their worse are still our mom's
Mom's are the true meaning of unconditional
Mom's are angels without wings
Mom's are why Dad's exist
Mom's are daughters too
Mom's are always there
Mom's just are

Mom's die and for this reason we, the children should never take our Mom's for granted...not even one time~
~This is my collection of thoughts.. ..please feel free to add a few of your own to this list~

~HAPPY MOTHERS DAY all of you beautiful Mom's


  1. Hello...What a surprise to see my thoughts on your blog as a post written from the heart.

    Funny thing ..I was not intentionally writing a poem...just my thoughts on moms. So a poem from the heart it is then!

    Your blog is a welcome of warmth and passion...keep up the very inspiring topic~

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