Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two New Lives Begin -- by Don Moler

The following poem was sent to me by my very good fried Don Moler. I met Don while living in my home town of Youngstown, Ohio, and we share common interests of Amateur Radio and computers. Little did I know that he loves to write poems. I'm hoping that he will share other poems he wrote with me to publish on this website. 

The following simple poem conveys a message of two people starting their new life together in marriage. 

                                                  Two new lives begin  by : Don Moler
                                          It is in the early morning
                                          That the sun shall shine again
                                          and all the things you've done before
                                          Is wisdom that you gain

                                          You sail your ship's new voyage
                                           with two captains at the helm
                                          With winds of love propelling you
                                          your future is your realm

                                         You must search yourselves for knowledge
                                          not found in any school
                                         and put to use experience
                                         a wise and working tool
                                         Within my vision pictured
                                         under blue sky's white sails ride
                                         upon an ocean emerald
                                         Is Walter and his bride.

                                             Don Moler 

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