Sunday, August 29, 2010

Together at Last

Being away from someone you love requires patience, and as every moment goes by before you see that person again, you are filled with anticipation. Patience itself can be very rewarding, and you can read about that in another article and poem called Rewards of Patience. In the meantime, dream about being together at last....

Together At Last
by Josh

Missing you each second of every day

Trying to remember every detail of you
In every specific kind of way

I close my eyes and shut them tight
Envisioning your true beauty
As my thoughts of you take flight

And then it happens so quickly, so fast
I realize how much I love you
And how much you love me at last

And I can't help but think
What memories we'll call our past
Years from now when we grow old together

What shall we see?
What shall we do?
Where shall we go?
Who will we meet?

A million questions flash inside my head
And I come up with one answer to all of them
No matter what life brings us¦.

We'll face it together


  1. Sweetheart,

    I am here beside you while you are snoring I am writing.Thanks a lot! I love you sweetheart please forgive me for working lots of hours. At last your wife is not lazy not like any other women out there. They are just waiting big bucks for shopping....:) I am working so hard for the sake of our future children. HELPING and sharing is a good virtue!


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