Monday, March 28, 2011

LOVE by - Demetrius Whye

Love can be found many ways, but what is the best way to explain it? Is it the same for everyone? Most likely not. For some it is for the love of another, and sadly, for some it is only for the love of themselves. But for people who understand what true love is, regardless of how knowledable that person may be, just to understand where it is and what it stands for, may take a life of trials and tribulations, and experiences with others that will define the true meaning of love for that person. People live for it and even die for it. Love of our country, love for one shared in many ways....


It cannot be found through seeking
Yet we are consciously aware of where it lurks.
It cannot be detected in other unless first discovered in ourselves.
It defies definition yet its meaning is perfectly clear.
We grasp at it in vain for it is unable to be held.
Yet we will cling to it for all eternity
In our possession it is worthless and void.
Yet when released its value is beyond measure.
It leaves us with a pain that only it can soothe.
The wounds it will cause may forever heal but the scars
will remain as a constant reminder of its power.
We do everything we can to control it,
yet it controls everything we do.
In the End we succumb to its greatness,
and in our surrender we realize our victory

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