Friday, October 28, 2011

Poem with a Rhyme

I've had so many great things happen to me in my life. I know that I'm blessed.
From my wife to my children to my friends,including all the wonderful bloggers
I have met, and you know who you are. Thank you for being a part of my life.
Writing blogs helps me express my inner feelings. Writing poems brings
the calm within my soul. I'm hoping that others that read my poems can
also express their feelings through writing poems, and I would like to
give everyone an opportunity to have a poem published right here on this
blog. Who are you? I am making a promise here and now to my readers. I will
write one poem for every poem I receive from a fan of this blog. I'm hoping
that many people will send poems that I would love to publish. Let's keep
this blog ALIVE!!!

Poem with a Rhyme
written by : James Frank

It's been a long time,
since I wrote a poem with a rhyme.
But as the days go by,
I step back and almost cry.

But that's ok,
What shall I say.
I miss writing to my fans,
Hoping my poems are read across the lands.

Sometimes they are sweet,
sometimes they are sad,
but always from my heart,
I begin to write from a new start.

I hope my fans all return,
as now it's my time to churn,
All the poems from heart,
And I hope my fans never part.

For my fans that do come back
My promise to you is that I won't slack.
But all I ask from you sometimes,
Is to write a poem that rhymes.

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