Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is a Puppy

Poems can be written about anything. How about one about man's best friend. Puppies are those lovable creatures that many consider that "bundle of joy".  They melt your heart for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are cute and adorable, or smart and playful. The companionship of an animal such as a puppy can sometimes be immeasurable. Here is a poem by Stella Mortazavi that explains her thoughts of a puppy.

What Is A Puppy?

What Is a Puppy
A puppy is a fluffy bundle of joy
Who can turn any object into a toy
With four paws and a wagging tail
He will try and beat you to pick up the mail
He likes to chew on anything new
A ball, a bone or even a shoe
He loves to run and likes to be
Chasing the neighbours cat up a tree
A puppy is loveable and so cute
Even when he ruins your favourite boot
His adoring look will melt your heart
And you know from him you won’t want to part
A puppies love just grows and grows
Through all of the little highs and lows
He truly will be your best friend
A great companion to the end.
Copyright ©2007 Stella Mortazavi

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