Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Promise to My Wife

A Poem called 'I Promise' by Danny Blackburn is a Love Poem about Marriage. This sacrament of marriage, most cherished by members of my church, the Catholic Church, gives many reasons to celebrate. The poem displays the passion and love that a husband should have for his wife. Married civilly in 2007, now remarried in the Catholic Church just a little over a week ago in the Philippines on March 28, 2012, renews my vows to my wife for the rest of my life. Noone is more important, and noone deserves my love more completely than my wife Virginia. She is my life and will be my breath until I cannot breathe anymore. Without her I am nothing, and I have nothing. Many people will tell you that promises are made to be broken, but when you keep your promises, they become very special. Many times I tell her that I live for her now, and I feel blessed to have her. Everything stated in this poem is my promise to her...

I Promise

© Danny Blackburn

I Promise
To take time for you and pursue you passionately
And I promise to love you compassionately

I do seek to understand your needs so deeply
And I promise each day to love you so completely

I will provide a home of love and emotional purity
And I promise love, laughter, honesty and a life where you feel security

I will make time for you, for without you I have no time
And I promise you to cherish, honor, respect, admire and be kind

Time may take us down a path where you need to be taken care of
And I promise to hold you, clean you and continue to admire you with love

If life places pain in your heart I will be there to fill it with love
And I promise each day to pray for our health and happiness from God above

I will awaken each day to see your sweet smile and feel your touch
And I promise to bring you happiness and laughter, I love you so much

I will be there for you each day of my life
And I promise to make you happy for you are my wife

I give you my heart, I love you girl that can’t you see
And I promise to you to be very attentive and caring indeed

I have ran for miles swearing my love to you for life
And I promise to God to honor you, my beautiful wife

I Love you


  1. Thank you for your kind comment about this poem. It was written from a heart, mine. I have seen it shared on the internet many times and I hope that those getting married read it before they marry and those who are married but may be a little off track take the time to read it. I had know idea that the words that I wrote would mean so much to so many. A woman is a gift from God, she is to be a man's partner for a lifetime, his truest friend and I will marry my truest friend on 9 June 2012.

    Danny Blackburn
    Claremore Oklahoma, , USA


  2. Danny, again, thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem. By now, you and your new bride will have been married a whole year. Congratulations and I pray that the love that you must share with your bride will last until the end of time. You touch many people with your words. Keep writing, and come back to say hello sometime.

    James Frank
    Dallas Texas, USA


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