Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tejan - A Filipina Living in Gothenburg Sweden

Tejan and Husband
In the past, I wrote a few special articles about whom I consider special people. Finally, there is yet another woman who has a wonderful blog whom I consider one of those very special people. I know of her only through blogging. Her name is TeJan from Gothenburg Sweden. She is a loving Filipina mother of two children who relocated to the mainland of Sweden just five years ago with her husband. Just as I remember the first time I had those 'kilig' moments when I met my wife Virginia, Tejan mentions her experience with her husband and how difficult it was at first to express her feelings towards him. Obviously by reading her blog, she loves her husband and their two children very much, and I just wanted to take a moment here to acknowledge her for being the special person she
Tejan and her beautiful children
has to be.

She has recently written an article on her blog called 'Insights' that included a poem to her husband that was written by a famous poet named Joanna Fuchs and as everyone who reads 'Poems from the Heart', knows I have a very soft heart when it comes to expressions shown by people in that specal way called a poem. Of course, I've written a few poems about my spouse Virginia, who undoubtedly is the 'light of my life'.
I invite all the readers of this blog to stop by Tejan's blog and read the poem called You Just Keep On Loving Me.

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  1. Oh my God James, what can I say, I'm so flattered about this. I was kind of busy these past days just return here today and found out you made a post about me! Thanks so much and I'll link you up in my Insights!
    This good deeds will not pass by in vain!



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